Platters (Cold)

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A very popular corporate catering choice in Adelaide, our cold meat and salad platters are a crowd pleaser. An easy finger food option that is ideal for large groups and parties, there is sure to be something for everyone. Why not try sushi for bite sized ease or a layered dip platter as a great way to encourage mingling.

  • Our antipasto platter, filled with cheese, olives, sun dried tomatoes, seafood and meat.

    Antipasta Platter


    A colourful savoury platter filled with exotic delicacies including a variety of cheeses, dolmades, cured sliced meat, sundried tomatoes, kalamata olives, artichokes, rockmelon, dip and served with bread sticks and water crackers. A great option for catering in Adelaide for events such as office parties and birthdays. Let Platters Plus take the stress out of planning your next event.
    Serves approx. 10 people.

  • Our Cheese Savoury platters are a popular choice for office catering in Adelaide and those looking for a finger food option.

    Cheese and Savoury Platter

    From: $75.55

    A selection of three cheeses, carrots and celery sticks, cherry tomatoes, kalamata olives, dolmades, pickled onions, salami, strasburg, kabana and polish sausage, with a dip and water crackers.

    Medium– $75.55 (10 people)
    Large– $104.95 (15 people)
  • Cheese platters are ideal for finger food catering.

    Cheese Platter

    From: $69.25

    Selection of uncut cheese: Great Ocean Road vintage cheddar, mersey valley, edam, camembert, jarlsberg and Mainland blue vein, garnished with grapes, pear, strawberries and biscuits.
    Medium– $69.25 (selection of any 4 of the above cheeses)
    Large – $86.05 (selection of any 6 of the above cheeses)

  • Our cold cocktail chicken chicken drumstick platter

    Chicken Drumstick Platter (Cold)

    , $46.15

    Cocktail chicken drumstick platter served cold perfect as a Corporate platter, for Melbourne Cup or any other function you are having. Providing 30 delicious cocktail sized drumsticks which are easy to handle & not messy to eat.
    Serves approx. 10ple.


  • Perfect for the Adelaide weather, enjoy our chicken mango & avocado salad platter.

    Chicken Mango Avocado Salad Platter


    One of our most popular individual lunchbox varieties is now available as a salad platter!  Our chicken, mango, avocado salad platter on a bed of lettuce drizzled with mayonnaise comes with a set of tongs for easy serving. Platters catering in Adelaide made easy and healthy.
    Serves approx. 5ple.

  • What's a catered corporate event without dips?

    Crudité Platter

    From: $41.95
    A delightfully presented selection of fresh julienne vegetables including carrots, celery, capsicum, cucumber, cherry tomatoes and french beans, served with hummus dip, bread sticks.

    Small– $41.95 ( 5 people)
    Medium– $60.85 (10 people)
    Large– $80.80 (15 people)


  • A fruit platter is a lovely way to end a meal.

    Fresh Fruit Platter

    , , From: $47.95
    A selection of fresh seasonal fruit cut into bite-size portions garnished with mixed dried fruit. A delicious finger food option for the summer months.

    Small– $47.95 ( 5-7 people)
    Medium– $79.95 (12 people)
    Large– $99.75 (15 people)


  • You can't go past a classic fruit, cheese and meats platter from Platters Plus Catering Adelaide.

    Fruit and Cheese Platter

    From: $50.35

    A selection of seasonal fruit, cheese and savouries cut in bite-size portions, with a dip and water crackers. A Platters Plus Catering favourite in Adelaide.

    Small– $50.35 ( 7 people)
    Medium– $69.25 (12 people)
    Large– $92.35 (15 people)
  • Our Greek Salad Platter - A fresh and healthy lunch or afternoon tea option.

    Greek Salad Platter


    Traditional Greek Salad Platter with tomato wedges, kalamata olives, cucumber & carrot batons, red capsicum strips, fetta & Kasseri cheese strips.
    Suitable for 10ple

  • Enjoy a fresh mediterranean salad platter with Platters Plus Catering Adelaide

    Mediterranean Salad Platter


    Our Mediterranean salad platter comes with tomato wedges, baby spinach, fetta cheese, kalamata olives, red capsicum & cucumber with individual Italian dressing sachets & tongs for easy serving. A great healthy party platter for your next event in Adelaide.
    Serves approx. 5ple.

  • Roast chicken is always a favourite for catering in Adelaide.

    Roast Chicken Platter

    From: $68.20

    Seasoned whole roast chickens, cut into 10 pieces and presented on a bed of lettuce, garnished with tomato & cucumber. A Platter Plus Catering essential – perfect for an office lunch, meeting or party.

    Small– $68.20 (2 chickens)
    Medium– $89.20 (3 chickens)
    Large– $125.95 (4 chickens)



  • Our salad platter is a healthy finger food option and suits vegetarian catering.

    Salad Platter

    From: $46.15

    Red capsicum, rows of tomato wedges, sliced cheddar cheese, carrot & celery sticks, cucumber, boiled eggs, champignons, sliced avocado & lettuce.

    A fresh, healthy catering option in Adelaide, perfect for office lunches.

    Small– $46.15 ( 5 people)
    Medium– $57.60 (10 people)
    Large– $75.10 (15 people)
  • Sushi Platter


    38 piece combination sushi platter – Serves 7-14 people. A great finger food option from Platters Plus Catering for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.

    Includes: Crumbed Chicken & Cucumber, Smoked Salmon & Cheese, Crunchy Chicken, Terriyaki Beef, Dragon (Eel), Pumpkin (Vegetarian), Avocado & Asparagus (Vegetarian). Accompanied with Soy Sauce, Pickled Ginger & Wasabi

  • Fresh fruit platters - the perfect finger food catering

    Tropical Platter

    From: $47.95

    Selection of three cheeses cut into bite-size portions with dried Australian fruit, mixed unsalted nuts, fresh seasonal fruits and water crackers. A perfect party platter option for catering in Adelaide during the warmer months.

    Small– $47.95 ( 6 people)
    Medium– $64.00 (10 people)
    Large– $76.60 (15 people)
  • The variety platter is an ideal finger food choice for any occasion, be it corporate or personal.

    Variety Platter


    A selection of rolled slices of ham, turkey, roast beef, slices of roast chicken breast, carrot & celery sticks, salami & kalamata olives, kabana, cheese & cherry tomatoes, dry biscuits garnished with strawberries, grapes & kiwi fruit. There's something in this platter for everyone – ensuring food catering in Adelaide is made easy. Paired perfectly with a Fresh Fruit Platter.