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We recommend 200mls per person. For five (5) people we would therefore recommend 1 litre.

  • In addition to food catering in Adelaide, we provide bio cups and plates

    Biodegradable Cups & Plates


    Sugar Cane biodegradable cups & plates.  $0.25 cents each item.

  • As office caterers we take are of food catering as well as the cups, plates and serviettesAs office caterers we take are of food catering as well as the cups, plates and serviettes

    Disposable Cups, Plates & Serviettes

    From: $0.15

    Disposable cups, plates and serviettes. $0.15 each item.
    Combination packs containing one of each. $0.45 cents per person.

  • We provide many Adelaide catering services including disposable lunch boxes

    Disposable Lunchbox


    Any of the lunch items served individually in a sealed clear plastic lunchbox for an additional 50 cents.

  • We can provide serving platters for your next private or corporate catering event.

    Disposable Platters


    Do you require serving platters for your next event? Non-returnable disposable white platters are available.

  • One of our Adelaide Catering Services are foam boxes to keep the food fresh

    Foam Boxes


    Foam Boxes are available for our customers travelling with food to the outer suburbs at $10 per box. A foam box will help to insulate your food and drink whilst you travel.  Dimensions are 57cm long x 38cm wide x 27cm deep & they hold 20kg/litres.
    Please note 12 x office lunchboxes fit in one foam box.

    If you return your foam box to us in perfect condition following your event, we are able to refund the cost of the foam box.

  • Catering a corporate lunch? Don't forget the coffee.A Twinings tea station is a must at your next morning tea.

    Nespresso Coffee & Twinings Tea

    From: $3.30

    You have enjoyed the Nespresso experience at home and now, Platters Catering are proud to be the first caterer in Adelaide to offer you the business exclusive range of unique blends of Nespresso in the workplace.

    For tea lovers, we have a great range of Twinings teas to choose from.

    Nespresso Coffee Capsule Selection (choose a mixed selection or any varieties individually)
    Ristretto – full bodied and persistent with an Intensity of 9
    Espresso Leggero – light and refreshing with an Intensity of 6
    Lungo Leggero – flowery and delicate with an Intensity of 2

    Twinings Teas (choose a mixed selection or any varieties individually)
    Earl Grey – light, aromatic and uplifting
    English Breakfast – invigorate the senses and welcome in the day
    Australian Afternoon Tea – a full bodied blend designed especially for Australia
    Pure Camomile – quietly composed, one delicious sip at a a time
    Pure Peppermint – a perfect after dinner mint
    Pure Green Tea – to positive living, one cup at a time

    Our Package Includes:
    Platters to set up your coffee & tea station which includes two trestle tables and two linen tablecloths
    Supply Nespresso Commercial Coffee Machine
    Selection of three of the most popular coffee capsules displayed in a stylish four tier tray (selections listed above)
    Milk Dispenser with 10 litre capacity offering Full Cream Milk and Skim Milk with an ice compartment to keep the milk cool
    Twinings Tea Bags – a selection of their six all time favourites (selections listed above)
    6litre Water Urn for your tea
    Natural Spring Water for the coffee machine and urn which will enhance the taste of your hot beverages
    Sugar sachets, Equal sweetener sachets & stirrer sticks plus a small waste canister for those papers & sticks
    Platters disposable 240ml sturdy paper cups
    Platters to return at a mutually agreed time to collect all equipment only from the beverage station (not including used rubbish) prior to 5pm week days. If ordered on a Saturday collection to be negotiated between both parties.

    If you are interested in Platters providing you Nespresso Coffee & Twinings Tea at your next function alongside quality catering please do not hesitate to contact us on 8371 1855 to discuss further and we will be more than happy to assist you or alternatively you can email us at and we will contact you directly.

    Nespresso Coffee: $4.40 per cup
    Twinings Tea: $3.30 per cup
    Minimum 50 cups which includes delivery, setup & pack down charge, must accompany a catering order & 48 Hours Notice is Required

  • A Twinings tea station is a must at your next morning tea.We stock Rio Coffee for morning and afternoon tea catering.

    Percolator Rio Coffee & Twinings Tea

    From: $287.50

    Perfect for larger functions where you have time restrictions & budget restraints.

    Using Rio Coffee for a delicious flavoured coffee & Twinings Tea our Packages come in Medium or Large.

    Each package equates to approximately $2.85 per cup.  Linen, cups, sugar, milk & stirrers all included.

    Medium Package: provides 50 x cups of percolated Rio Coffee & 50 x cups of Twinings Tea for $287.50

    Large Package: provides 100 x cups of percolated Rio Coffee & 100 x cups of Twinings Tea for $575.00