It’s the freshest produce and over 25 years experience that make our Platters the best in Adelaide.

As one of the leading Catering Companies in Adelaide, we understand that sourcing a diverse range of ingredients coupled with over 25 years of catering experience results in corporate platters that are second to none.

The Owner and operator of Platters Plus Catering, Vicki Rooke, has worked alongside businesses in Adelaide to create an array of menu items that make the taste buds rejoice! So why are we one of the best catering services in Adelaide?

With twenty four years experience catering in Adelaide, Platters Plus are the preferred corporate caterers and office caterers in Adelaide. Our great catering service, professional staff and enticing menus ensure we deliver finger food platters, boardroom lunches, afternoon tea and much more that you’ll love.

We specialise in;

  • Boardroom Lunches
  • Catering for office meetings
  • Seminars
  • Product launches
  • Conferences
  • Morning Teas
  • Afternoon Teas
  • Sandwich Catering
  • Finger Food Platters
  • After work get-togethers
  • Catered Breakfast
  • Lunches

As a dedicated Adelaide catering service, we understand how important it is to cater for all tastes and dietary requirements, offering a wide range of finger food options including vegetarian, gluten free, vegan and halal catering.

Special Adelaide Catering Offer 

Who says there’s no such thing as a free lunch?

At Platters Plus catering, when you spend $150 or more in one online Lunch order, you will receive one free lunch option.

To redeem, once your online order is over $150 simply go to Free For You (under Menu Categories), select your free lunch option and add it to cart. It’s that easy!

Free Lunch options are:

  • Gourmet Ham, Tomato & Pickled Onion Sandwich & Chocolate Dipped Shortbread Biscuit
  • Gourmet Chicken, Avocado, Sun-dried Tomato Baguette & Melting Moment Biscuit
  • Gourmet Vegetarian Salad Lavash & Cookie

Offer only available for orders placed online.

Our customers value our commitment to delivering flavour filled sandwiches, wraps, hot food items and more, all with presentation that is second to none. You can read reviews of our catering here.

We are renowned for our gourmet sandwich platters that contain an abundance of creative fillings that ensure satisfied customers.  At Platters Plus, we pride ourselves on being one of the best and flexible caterers in Adelaide. Are you interested in seeing what our corporate catering and finger food catering can offer your next function? Click here to view our menus.

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Not sure what you feel like ordering? Scroll through some of our delicious food – we are ready to cater for you!

Some inspiration

  • Vegetarian Platter

    From: $51.50

    A combination of quiche, vegan sausage rolls, cocktail spring rolls, curry puffs & risotto balls served with sweet chilli sauce. A great finger food catering option to satisfy everyone.

    Small – $51.50

    Saving of $5.75

    Total pieces 40
    5 x Quiche
    5 x Vegan “Sausage” Rolls
    20 x Cocktail Spring Rolls
    5 x Curry Puffs
    5 x Risotto Rolls

    Medium – $88.50

    Saving of $10.00

    Total pieces 60
    10 x Quiche
    10 x Vegan “Sausage” Rolls
    20 x Cocktail Spring Rolls
    10 x Curry Puffs
    10 x Risotto Balls

    Large – $124.95

    Saving of $14.80

    Total pieces 80
    15 x Quiche
    15 x Vegan “Sausage” Rolls
    20 x Cocktail Spring Rolls
    15 x Curry Puffs
    15 x Risotto Balls


  • Gourmet Sandwich platters are are a must when catering in AdelaidePlatters Plus vegan sandwich catering

    Gourmet Sandwiches

    , From: $6.95

    Traditional triangle style sandwich.
    Sandwiches are a popular catering choice, especially for finger food catering in Adelaide.
    Recommended 1 & 1/2 sandwiches per person.
    Vegetarian fillings always included.
    Smoked salmon on Multigrain bread available at an additional cost.
    Vegan fillings available at an additional cost.
    Mixture of White & Multigrain breads provided.
    From $6.95 per sandwich

  • Chocolate Dipped Shortbread is an ideal addition to your morning or afternoon tea.

    Chocolate Dipped Shortbread Biscuits


    All time favourite homemade shortbread to melt in your mouth.

    Minimum 10

  • Pies, parties and sausage rolls - Australian finger food classics on a platter.

    Pastries Platter

    From: $38.25

    A combination of pies, pasties & sausage rolls served with tomato sauce. An Adelaide catering favourite at Platter Plus.

    Small – $38.25

    Saving of $4.25

    Total pieces 25
    10 x Pies
    10 x Pasties
    5 x Sausage Rolls

    Medium – $60.85

    Saving of $7.15

    Total pieces 40
    15 x Pies
    15 x Pasties
    10 x Sausage Rolls

    Large – $75.95

    Saving of $9.05

    Total pieces 50
    20 x Pies
    15 x Pasties
    15 x Sausage Rolls


  • Pork dumplings are a delicious finger food option for corporate events or private functions.

    Pork Dumplings


    Cocktail pork dumplings with prawn and egg, deep fried and served with soy sauce.
    (Sold in multiples of 10)

  • Placeholder

    Package 6 VEGAN Saving of 1.28 pp


    Saving of $1.28 per person

    Sold in Multiples of x 10.

    *Food presented on platters labelled ‘Vegan’ for your convenience*

    Each person will receive:

    1/2 x Vegan Sandwich

    1/2 x Vegan Lavash

    1/2 x Vegan Bounty Slice

    1 x Fruit kebab

    $11.45 per head.

    Saving of $1.28 per person

  • Spring rolls from Platters Plus Catering are a popular choice for finger food catering in Adelaide.

    Cocktail Spring Rolls (Vegetarian & Halal)

    , , $1.60

    Cocktail spring rolls filled with a julienne of vegetables served with a sweet chilli dipping sauce.
    (2 Per Serve, Sold in multiples of 10 equates to 20 spring rolls)

  • Oriental Platter

    From: $45.10

    A combination of cocktail spring rolls, dim sims, chicken breast bites and pork dumplings served with sweet chilli sauce – a great finger food crowd-pleaser.

    Small – $45.10

    Saving of $13.40

    Total pieces 50
    20 x Cocktail spring rolls
    10 x Dim sims
    10 x Chicken breast bites
    10 x Pork Dumplings

    Medium – $68.20

    Saving of 19.55

    Total pieces 75
    30 x Cocktail spring rolls
    15 x Dim sims
    15 x Chicken breast bites
    15 x Pork Dumplings

    Large – $92.35

    Saving of $24.65

    Total pieces 100
    40 x Cocktail spring rolls
    20 x Dim sims
    20 x Chicken breast bites
    20 x Pork Dumplings


  • Catering a corporate lunch? Don't forget the coffee.A Twinings tea station is a must at your next morning tea.

    Nespresso Coffee & Twinings Tea

    From: $3.30

    You have enjoyed the Nespresso experience at home and now, Platters Catering are proud to be the first caterer in Adelaide to offer you the business exclusive range of unique blends of Nespresso in the workplace.

    For tea lovers, we have a great range of Twinings teas to choose from.

    Nespresso Coffee Capsule Selection (choose a mixed selection or any varieties individually)
    Ristretto – full bodied and persistent with an Intensity of 9
    Espresso Leggero – light and refreshing with an Intensity of 6
    Lungo Leggero – flowery and delicate with an Intensity of 2

    Twinings Teas (choose a mixed selection or any varieties individually)
    Earl Grey – light, aromatic and uplifting
    English Breakfast – invigorate the senses and welcome in the day
    Australian Afternoon Tea – a full bodied blend designed especially for Australia
    Pure Camomile – quietly composed, one delicious sip at a a time
    Pure Peppermint – a perfect after dinner mint
    Pure Green Tea – to positive living, one cup at a time

    Our Package Includes:
    Platters to set up your coffee & tea station which includes two trestle tables and two linen tablecloths
    Supply Nespresso Commercial Coffee Machine
    Selection of three of the most popular coffee capsules displayed in a stylish four tier tray (selections listed above)
    Milk Dispenser with 10 litre capacity offering Full Cream Milk and Skim Milk with an ice compartment to keep the milk cool
    Twinings Tea Bags – a selection of their six all time favourites (selections listed above)
    6litre Water Urn for your tea
    Natural Spring Water for the coffee machine and urn which will enhance the taste of your hot beverages
    Sugar sachets, Equal sweetener sachets & stirrer sticks plus a small waste canister for those papers & sticks
    Platters disposable 240ml sturdy paper cups
    Platters to return at a mutually agreed time to collect all equipment only from the beverage station (not including used rubbish) prior to 5pm week days. If ordered on a Saturday collection to be negotiated between both parties.

    If you are interested in Platters providing you Nespresso Coffee & Twinings Tea at your next function alongside quality catering please do not hesitate to contact us on 8371 1855 to discuss further and we will be more than happy to assist you or alternatively you can email us at and we will contact you directly.

    Nespresso Coffee: $4.40 per cup
    Twinings Tea: $3.30 per cup
    Minimum 50 cups which includes delivery, setup & pack down charge, must accompany a catering order & 48 Hours Notice is Required

  • Bagels are a unique addition to your sandwich platterSmoked Salmon bagels add a bit of excitement to your sandwich catering.


    From: $8.95

    Gourmet fillings. Cut in half.
    Recommend 1 per person.
    $8.95 each
    Smoked salmon, cream cheese, alfalfa, capers and spanish onion $12.95 each.